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Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund

Robyn's Septic is a MDE Certified Installer and Maintenance Provider of Bay Restoration Fund Onsite Systems.

With dozens of systems installed we are your one source for information on approving, funding, and installing the system that is right for you.

We represent multiple manufacturers to ensure the correct system for your specific site requirements

Call us today at 410-838-9845 for more information

Bay Restoration Fund Overview and Regulations


There are approximately 420,000 septic systems in Maryland. Of these, 52,000 systems are located within the “Critical Area,” land within 1,000 feet of tidal waters. The typical septic system does not remove nitrogen, instead delivering about 24.32 pounds of nitrogen per year to the groundwater. An upgraded, nitrogen-removing septic system cuts a system’s nitrogen load in half.  The Maryland Department of the Environment has upgraded over 3,000 septic systems to nitrogen removing Best Available Technology (BAT) through the Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) Onsite Sewer Disposal System (OSDS) grant program.

Due to very high demand, the Maryland Department of the Environment now prioritizes funding for septic system upgrades toward those systems that pose the greatest threat to clean waterways and drinking water. 


In accordance with State law, the Bay Restoration Fund prioritizes upgrades as follows:

1. Failing OSDS or holding tanks in the Critical Areas

2. Failing OSDS or holding tanks not in the Critical Areas

3. Non-failing OSDS in the Critical Areas including new BAT installation

4. Non-failing OSDS outside the Critical Areas



  • Grant funding is income based on taxable income

  • Grants may cover from 25 – 100 % of the BAT unit

  • Absorption systems are not covered, although there are some hardship programs available, again, CASE BY CASE

  • All applications for grants are handled by the local Health Department

  • If the dwelling is not owner occupied the MAX grant is 25%

  • The current homeowner is the only party eligible for grant money

  • 100 % funding of the BAT system does not necessarily mean 100% of the job.

  • Call Robyn's for complete details on BAT funding

Approved Systems


Approved Systems: BAT (Best Available Technologies)

  • Advantex

  • Advantex RT

  • SeptiTech        


  • RetroFast

  • Singulair

Robyn's Septic is a certified installer and service provider for all BAT technologies

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